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Study department and technical drawing office

Our commercial team is supplemented by engineers and draughtsmen who are ready to help you carry out every project successfully. A horizontal communication structure makes it possible to respond quickly to your needs. Calculations, construction plans and execution drawings are prepared in-house, so no valuable time is lost during the preparatory phase of the project.

Material stock and spare parts

Kestens Montage has an extensive stock of spare parts, raw materials and basic materials.
Frequently used profiles and sheet material in steel, stainless steel and aluminium are always in stock. This increases our flexibility, especially for urgent jobs.


We have many standard machines that are essential for working with sheet metal and metal structures, such as circular saws, hacksaws and band saws, drill presses, punch presses, bending machines, hydraulic presses, arc welding stations, TIG welding stations, semi-automatic welding equipment, plasma cutting torches, etc.

We are also constantly investing in the modernisation and expansion of our conventional and CNC lathes and milling machines, laser cutting machines, guillotine shears and bending machines.

Vehicle fleet

Every company vehicle is fully equipped with all basic tools, basic materials and personal protective equipment (PPE) that may be needed for jobs, including unforeseen jobs.
Our VCA** management system ensures that these tools and PPE comply with all legal requirements and periodic inspections.

As heavy items often have to be handled and assembly work carried out at height, we have systematically invested in a wide range of forklift trucks, telescopic handlers, lift platforms and other auxiliary equipment. By using our own equipment, we can get started with our customers faster. For these same reasons, we also try to transport all our material with our own resources.

Building site equipment

We aim to perform all work under our own direction.
This is why we supply our own building site equipment wherever possible: Heras fencing, temporary site railings, site units and meeting units, site containers, scaffolding material, man baskets, site cabinets, power generators, compressors, etc.

Kestens Montage is also fully equipped to carry out civil works: bracing, supporting beams, shuttering materials, concrete silos, poker vibrators, block clamps, chutes, diamond drilling machines, floor sawing machines, saw tables, vibration plates, construction lasers, etc.

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